Written for Brin Jackson’s Health Series – Registered, Certified Reflexology Therapist.

You are living your life between inhaling your first breath and exhaling your final breath.

You can live for weeks with no food, days with no water, yet only around four minutes with no breath before your brain becomes altered. Experiment with holding your breath while watching a timer and notice how few seconds pass before urgency or even panic sets in!

Depending upon your activity level you are probably taking anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 breaths per day, every day of your life, approximately 6,000,000 to over 9,000,000 breaths per year. The quality of your breathing has a profound influence on your entire being, physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, sexually, spiritually. [click to continue…]

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. . . has changed forever. The familiar forest fencing characteristic of Canada’s amazing and unique North West Pacific nature is no longer framing Haven’s entrance.

The trees have been sacrificed to . . . put up a parking lot.

And now I am feeling an array of paradoxical emotions. [click to continue…]

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Date: Nov 19 – Nov 22
Location: Haven Institute, Gabriola Island BC

Pleasing, Proving, Performing, Perfecting is Exhausting for me.  And for you?  Boundaries — clear, compassionate boundaries are the key to living in the Present; Passionately, Proactively and, even Playfully!

A Boundary is not a “thing” — defining any personal boundary is an active process that is more accurately described as “boundary-ing.”  This is an awkward word to say — and often even more awkward to put into practice effectively!  And the rewards are well worth learning how.  Discerning, expressing and dialoguing about personal boundaries strengthens our ability to live more compassionately, to access creativity, energy and aliveness so that we enjoy greater intimacy and clarity in our personal and work relationships.

This program is for people who want to:

  • Know, express and embrace who you really are
  • Experience greater intimacy in relationship
  • Have more compassion for yourself and others
  • Discover, speak, and stand forth with your own thoughts, feelings and choices
  • Be proactive and clear when creating new, healthy relationships, following experiences of abuse or violence in the past
  • Free yourself from the experience of being trapped by roles, rules and obligations
  • Gain a new perspective on allergies, chronic fatigue, depression and other symptoms


This three-day program combines teaching and experiential learning about the discovery and effective implementation of the boundary-ing process. Participants will also learn about accountability and consequences for when an expressed boundary is not accepted or regarded.  For those who internalize boundary conflicts into an illness pattern, there will be an opportunity to explore and decipher the story expressed in the symptom.

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Post image for Shadow Play – Reclaiming the Disowned Self

Shadow Play – Reclaiming the Disowned Self
Explore and Integrate the Dark within you …
November 29 – Dec 4th, 2015 Esalen, Big Sur, California
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Depression: Conscious Alternatives

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Date: Nov 08 – Nov 13 Location: Haven Institute, Gabriola Island BC Although medication is often useful in the treatment of depression, you may want to consider additional or alternative interventions. With conscious commitment, it is possible to interrupt depression. In this program you will examine the personal belief systems that support depression and access […]

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Come Alive

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Date: Nov 01 – Nov 06 Location: Haven Institute, Gabriola Island BC Come Alive is an opportunity for revitalizing your life, discovering and activating your resources, and realizing your full potential in your personal and professional life. Come Alive is for you if you want to: Experience the juiciness of living life more fully. Deepen […]

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Shadow Play in Winnipeg

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Winnipeg Shadow Play workshop with Linda Nicholls Oct 1-4, 2015 Presented by the Satir Institute of Manitoba

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Wellness Institute Hawaii Workshop update

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Due to active lava flow, my Big Island Hawaii workshops (Come Alive and Recalibrate) are now delayed. I will keep you posted. For me, there is no place on the planet like Puna District Hawaii, and one of the reasons is the lush abundance of raw nature. I have experienced several thrilling and profound adventures […]

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Come Alive Big Island Hawaii 2015 Date: Jan 24 2015 – Jan 31 2015 Location: Big Island, Puna Hawaii The Wellness Institute of Hawaii is offering a specialized version of The Haven’s acclaimed Come Alive program in the lush environment of the Big Island. Come Alive has been carefully crafted and evolved over the past […]

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Shadow Play at Esalen

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Esalen and Shadow! I’ll be leading Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self at Esalen October 26 – 31. It would be great to share this special place with lots of familiars! Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self Date: Oct 26 – Oct 31 Location: Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA Everyone carries a shadow, and the […]

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After A While

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Loss is an experience that I believe cannot be generalized. Each occurrence throughout my life has been different. Why? Because I myself have been different in each particular point in time, my range of feelings has differed, each other person involved has been unique, as has our relationship with each other and the surrounding circumstances. […]

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