Wellness Institute Hawaii Workshop update

December 30, 2014

in Wellness Institute Hawaii

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Due to active lava flow, my Big Island Hawaii workshops (Come Alive and Recalibrate) are now delayed. I will keep you posted.

For me, there is no place on the planet like Puna District Hawaii, and one of the reasons is the lush abundance of raw nature. I have experienced several thrilling and profound adventures engaging with the lava goddess Pele and she is yet again asserting herself unmistakably. Even more new earth is in the creation process! For the local people this is a deeply spiritual time as her lava flows in its own way and time, potentially surrounding, if not destroying their (material) communities.

For updates on the flow, search Puna Lava Flow Update on the web. If you look through, you’ll see photos and videos that will give you a clearer picture of the magnitude.

We are currently determining the 2016 date for Come Alive in Hawaii

Recalibrate is yet to be determined.

Sending you warm, even lava-hot, wishes!

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Linda Nicholls

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