This past Thursday I went to Lion’s Gate Hospital for my third Herceptin and chemo treatment. The routine includes meeting with the doctor before they start the IV’s.

My previous treatment had been a tough one, I was there for over 8 hours because of a complication. Last week, during my retreat in Victoria, I was sent to the local hospital Emergency because I was having intense heart palpitations and difficulty breathing. These symptoms had begun a couple of days after my second treatment, and although I imagined the forest-fire smoke in Victoria could have been aggravating whatever was going on, the doctors wanted me to check things out.

Although the tests they gave me at the Victoria hospital ruled out pneumonia and didn’t show any other evident cause, my Lion’s Gate doctor didn’t want me to have chemo again until I see a heart and a lung specialist before resuming. I did have the Herceptin IV, which I will continue for sure every three weeks for the next year. As soon as I have the tests, he will have me resume the chemo. So now I am on standby this week to go back to Vancouver to see these specialists – and of course I have to adjust my carefully planned schedule!

Increasingly I am living in faith that the universe is unfolding precisely as all is meant to happen in the service of the highest and best purpose.  I am filled with abundant gratitude, amazement and celebrating my good fortune to have so many beautiful people in my life!