Shadow Play at Esalen

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Esalen and Shadow! I’ll be leading Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self at Esalen October 26 – 31. It would be great to share this special place with lots of familiars! Shadow Play: Reclaiming the Disowned Self Date: Oct 26 – Oct 31 Location: Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA Everyone carries a shadow, and the […]

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After A While

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Loss is an experience that I believe cannot be generalized. Each occurrence throughout my life has been different. Why? Because I myself have been different in each particular point in time, my range of feelings has differed, each other person involved has been unique, as has our relationship with each other and the surrounding circumstances. […]

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Grieving: Change and Growth

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Opening pathways by clearing away some of the boulders that lie in the way is a tremendous support for stepping into fresh new territory. Sharing here with you the words from a previous participant: “I can now move forward with my life with peace about all the loss and with hope for the future. No […]

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About Completion

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Someone who has experienced profound loss and been in turmoil for over a year has just emailed me.  She is asking herself if she even wants completion, she just isn’t sure. The title of the workshop includes the word “completion”, which can have many differing interpretations depending upon who is hearing it.  For me, completion […]

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2014 Workshops in Hawaii

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Come Alive in Hawaii with Linda Nicholls Date: Jan 25 2014 – Feb 01 2014 Location: Big Island, Puna Hawaii The Wellness Institute of Hawaii is offering a specialized version of The Haven’s acclaimed Come Alive program in the lush environment of the Big Island. Come Alive has been carefully crafted and evolved over the […]

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Linda Goes to Esalen

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The following excerpts are from Ellery Littleton’s article “Linda Goes to Esalen“ on the Haven’s Shen Blog…. This November, Linda will be the first Haven faculty member ever to offer an original Haven program at Esalen, the “mother ship” of personal growth centers, in Big Sur, California.   It will be Come Alive, of course, […]

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Ho`oponopono – Ancient Hawaiian Teachings for Modern Day

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Next Ho`oponopono: March 16th – 17th, 2013   Acquire powerful and time-tested tools for forgiveness, balance, and abundance. Ho`oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian tradition that is utilized to bring balance and harmony into one’s life. At its root, Ho`oponopono is a technology of forgiveness, and allows us to release that which keeps us feeling stuck […]

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“There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then there’s another way; a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.”- Rumi Breathing is far more than the unconscious functioning of our autonomic nervous system that we usually take for granted.  In many languages the word for spirit and […]

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Try Something Different!

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Join me for two experimental workshops in Vancouver … The Haven Communication Toolkit Building Clarity and Connection Saturday, March 2, 10am -5pm The Haven Relationships Toolkit Deepening Connection Sunday, March 4, 10am -5pm The Toolkits are a great introduction for new people and a refresher for those who have already come to programs. They are […]

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What do you think? please let me know!

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With the abundance of knowledge and resources that we are privileged to access, I am deeply puzzled about why it is such a challenge to take care of our health in the best way we know how. Personally, I think that I have been harbouring a child-like entitlement that I remain healthy and vibrant without […]

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Slide Show Reminder!

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See some stunning photos and find our more about what to expect at our upcoming Hawaii Wellness Bootcamps.  Dr. Lawrence Cheng will host and chat with you about it this coming Monday, October 22 at Connect Health, 16th and Macdonald, Vancouver.   More information here:  Our next Wellness Bootcamp is in January — time […]

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