Oct 10–18, 2012 Big Island Wellness Bootcamp

July 1, 2012

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Aloha is more than a Hawaiian greeting, it is a way of life. ‘Alo’ relates to presence, ‘ha’ is breath. Aloha is to face each other with mutual regard and affection, to extend warmth in caring without obligation. Each person is important to every other person in our collective existence.

wellness institute hawaii partnersRobert, Lawrence and I launched our inaugural Wellness Bootcamp in March, and I am thrilled to tell you that it was absolutely wonderful for all of us. We received heartwarming, positive feedback from our grateful participants.

Witnessing their glowing faces and hearing their appreciation inspired us to do our next Wellness Bootcamp as soon as we possibly could – we are now ready to go for this October, the 10th to the 18th.

Supportive whole-person body and mind activities. Yoga, meditation, nutrition and juicing, breath and bodywork, harmonious communication guidance, creation of a personalized well-being plan, ecstatic dance, chanting, hula, kirtan, a visit to the local kava bar, bonfires, lectures and much more!

For more insight into why I am excited about sharing this with you, check out the Wellness Bootcamp page of the site.   Here you’ll see photos  from our spring Wellness Bootcamp as well as a video of Kate, one of our first participants, describing some of her experience with us.

This will give you an idea of what to expect, although the only way to truly appreciate it is to be there in person.  If you’re interested, go to wellnessinstitutehawaii.org for more information on the  Big Island Wellness Bootcamp in October!

With every visit, I am reminded that simply showing up, being there, is growthful. Abundant jungle vegetation, natural foods, cleanest air in the world, stunning visuals of vast ocean, white surf, black sand beaches – combine these with the unique community of healers, visionaries, movers, shakers, all-round fascinating people who gravitate there and we have an irresistible alchemy supporting well-being.

Consider this as a valuable opportunity to realign with a healthier lifestyle, which of course includes vitality, creativity, and all sorts of pleasures!

hoping that you will join us in the aloha spirit,



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Linda Nicholls

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