Linda Goes to Esalen

August 29, 2013

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The following excerpts are from Ellery Littleton’s article Linda Goes to Esalen on the Haven’s Shen Blog….

Linda Nichols teaches Come Alive at EsalenThis November, Linda will be the first Haven faculty member ever to offer an original Haven program at Esalen, the “mother ship” of personal growth centers, in Big Sur, California.


It will be Come Alive, of course, The Haven’s best-known program; Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen introduced it to The Haven in the early 1980s, and it has established itself as one of the best, and most well-rounded programs available anywhere in the wide world of growth and education centres. It is a key component of The Haven’s unique interlocking curriculum.

“The perfect choice”

Jock McKeen is an unabashed fan of Linda, with whom he worked intimately over the years. She became one of Ben and Jock’s most trusted and capable assistants and co-leaders.

“Linda is not a passive passenger of life,” he says. “She’s a voyageur, an adventurer, one of a kind, distinctive, singular; she forges her own path. She’s charismatic, classy in a down-to-earth way.

“She’s accessible and inclusive, sensitive, caring, humorous, able to work smoothly with people of different cultures and persuasions. She’s the perfect choice to introduce the Haven philosophy and style to Esalen, and a wider world audience.”

Linda is excited about her upcoming journey to the home base of the human potential movement. “The program will be Come Alive with a difference,” she says. “To integrate into Esalen’s environment and time structures, the usual small group format will be different, and I may or may not have an assistant. I enjoy the creative challenge of offering the full flavor of Come Alives that are taught at The Haven. Participants will definitely experience the essence of Come Alive as I have come to know it.

“It’s a thrill to be offering the program that has been the crucible for Ben and Jock’s work – right there in the heartland, the mother ship of personal growth centres. I’m not a sentimental person; however I am deeply honoured.”

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