Cancer Diagnosis

April 27, 2017

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Dear Valued Friends and Cohorts:

I have some personal news about recent events in my life that I would like to share with you. In March, shortly before our team’s trip to China I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This has not been a secret, however I have not been doing much emailing or communicating other than dealing with this circumstance so some of you that have had direct contact with me know, and I imagine many others don’t.

This diagnosis was an instantaneous life-changer that has been the launching pad for a new, and for me different, physical, spiritual, psychic, emotional, mental, whole-being journey.

Since then, I have focused on learning as much as I can about cancer and myself, consulting with knowledgeable, precious friends, allopathic and naturopathic practitioners, a shaman, astrologer, documentaries, books and so on. China was amazing – the people there provided me with a private cook to prepare my vegan meals, I was showered with special massages, creams, body treatments, Chinese doctors, acupuncture treatments and even though the program was intense came home feeling better than when I left.

I have been facing a flood of choices and doing my best to make informed decisions. Up until just two days ago I was seriously considering going the “natural” route and delaying surgery to explore experimental, alternative approaches to lump diminishment and treatment. Through some comprehensive blood tests sent to Germany, the type of breast cancer is considered “invasive” hence my immediate, drop-everything-else focus. After intensive consultation with several wonderful people (including myself) I am at peace with having the recommended surgery, which is a lumpectomy and then, depending upon the ultimate results of that, pursuing alternative methods that I have learned about from there. My context for the surgery is loving.

My lumpectomy is scheduled for May 2, very soon! So far, the information I have indicates that the cancer is contained and has not spread to other areas of my body, I am taking care of myself better and in new ways (that I should have been doing all along) and my intention is that the cancer is a messenger, a wake-up call and not a death sentence.

So, I am attempting to limit emails at this time however when I have significant news I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

With loving and gratitude for our connection, love, light, laughter, linda

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Linda Nicholls

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