Boundaries: The Vital Edge

November 10, 2015

in Workshops

Date: Nov 19 – Nov 22
Location: Haven Institute, Gabriola Island BC

Pleasing, Proving, Performing, Perfecting is Exhausting for me.  And for you?  Boundaries — clear, compassionate boundaries are the key to living in the Present; Passionately, Proactively and, even Playfully!

A Boundary is not a “thing” — defining any personal boundary is an active process that is more accurately described as “boundary-ing.”  This is an awkward word to say — and often even more awkward to put into practice effectively!  And the rewards are well worth learning how.  Discerning, expressing and dialoguing about personal boundaries strengthens our ability to live more compassionately, to access creativity, energy and aliveness so that we enjoy greater intimacy and clarity in our personal and work relationships.

This program is for people who want to:

  • Know, express and embrace who you really are
  • Experience greater intimacy in relationship
  • Have more compassion for yourself and others
  • Discover, speak, and stand forth with your own thoughts, feelings and choices
  • Be proactive and clear when creating new, healthy relationships, following experiences of abuse or violence in the past
  • Free yourself from the experience of being trapped by roles, rules and obligations
  • Gain a new perspective on allergies, chronic fatigue, depression and other symptoms


This three-day program combines teaching and experiential learning about the discovery and effective implementation of the boundary-ing process. Participants will also learn about accountability and consequences for when an expressed boundary is not accepted or regarded.  For those who internalize boundary conflicts into an illness pattern, there will be an opportunity to explore and decipher the story expressed in the symptom.

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Linda Nicholls

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